Welcome to Fat Lady pedals

This is the homepage of Fat Lady overdrive pedals. We are busy building this site, so please be patient :)

Meanwhile, you can download a demonstration video here, to hear what the Fat Lady sounds like.

Some info

So here it is, the Fat Lady.

Actually - since this is one of the first builds of the latest revision - in a CD box :)

This overdrive pedal is the fruit of 10 years of brain-storming, countless efforts and builds; whose idea belonged to, and first steps were taken by Meric Ozcan. This build is the result of joint efforts of Meric Ozcan, Armagan Amcalar and Ihsan Kehribar.

Player: Demir Uyar
Guitar: Ultimate Fason, handmade by Erkan Sizarlar
Amp: handmade by Meric Ozcan

The guitar is run through Fat Lady to the amp, nothing else in the signal chain.

The video is recorded with an iPhone, and the audio is recorded with an SM57 and a laptop. No sound alterations, EQ or other processing were done.

Music doesn't end until the Fat Lady sings.

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